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Bunk Bed Types

Whenever you plan to buy the best bunk bed for your kids, remember these points. Determining your requirements is the first important thing. Discuss with your kids about their requirements and opinions. The second important thing to consider is the space available for the new beds so you must have the correct measurements. Finally, you must know how much you can spend on this item. Bunk beds are mostly costly so knowing your budget is important.

Here is the list of the bunk beds types available for kids.

Basic Bunks

This one over another style is a traditional two beds. These are offered with twin mattresses usually and as per requirement these can be taken apart in order to form to separate beds.


Futon Bunk Beds

A futon bunk bed is ideal for those who have multiple children. It is actually a bunked bed in which there is a lofted bed over a futon. These beds are equipped with twin size mattresses but full sized beds are also offered. The futon is the one that serves multiple purposes. For example, your little Johnny can take his nap in mid-day on top bunk while your daughters can sit on couch and watch TV. If you want to increase the sleeping space then you can open up your futon bunk beds. You can also fold it in order to save space and make a couch.

L-shaped Bunks

This one is like basic bunk but the difference is in the configuration of sleeping space. The placement of the lofted top bunk is at a right angle and adjacent to the bottom bunk. If you have lot of space then you can consider this one.

Basic Lofts

The basic lofts offer flexibility to parent when they designing their kids room. It comprises of either a full sized or twin loft bed that is being suspended over space. This unique design offer many possibilities. Its biggest advantage is that you get storage space or play area underneath.

Junior Lofts

These are just like the basic loft design the only difference is that this one is quite lower to the floor. Due to this feature these beds are appropriate for younger children. There are additional fun features in some of these beds i.e. slides or tents etc.

Novelty beds

These beds are actually based on a theme. These types of beds are quite popular among young children. Among boys the car beds are popular while young girls loves the fairy tale canopy.

Study Lofts

If your child’s room is small then the study loft is a great option. You can fit this one perfectly in the corner and enough space can be left in the room for other activities. Choose this one if you want elegance and durability for a kid’s study area.

Triple Bunk Bed

Those who have three or more children who share same room can simply opt for this one. Usually, the third bed in one of these bunk beds with staircase is lofted as well as attached to the top part of the top bed. This is not only a great option for sleepovers, but it also provides extra space for storage, and it fulfills the requirement of extra seating space.

Research is very important before you buy a bunk bed so that whatever you buy you buy the best.

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