Bay Window Treatments

Bay windows can make a lovely point of convergence for a room, lighting up the room and gaining as much as possible from such a view. They crave mostly exquisite drapes, custom blind poles and seats by the window, yet a few individuals are uncertain of where to begin. These bay windows can be occasionally cumbersome, however with a little energy are brilliant add-ons to most design plan. We have them covered with our bay window treatments guide.

So are bay windows to be treated? All things considered, we have to foremost understand what bay windows are before we can successfully make sense of what sort of bay window drapes will be fitting for them. They are merely 3-sided windows: a big one in the center flanked by two smaller windows. Adding such a window design to your home will allow a great deal of lighting into your room and make your room seem more spaced out. Ordinarily, homes that possess such windows are located close to picturesque landscapes that merit viewing from within.

They are typically popular in Victorian home designs that got to be well known in the 1870s. Presently, a great place to find lots of homes with this incredible design is in San Francisco. they are usually designed in a few varying styles, for example, casement windows, double hung windows and a host of different window designs that are very appropriate for the design.

Bay Window Treatments

Bay Window Treatments

Window Seats

Using seats is an awesome approach to making use of the space made by the bay window. Correctly placing a window seat into the space gives a romantic feeling to the room which is to some degree quiet but provides an excellent view of the outside and the sun’s warmth. The seat can be covered with a few lavish pads as well as a throw, making it an ideal place to study or spend time with a special person.

Bay Window Drape Rods

Though you may believe drape tracks to be the sole choice for bay windows, because they can be twisted to the precise measurements of the space, there are presently drapery poles and rods that can be used as well. The curtain rods give a more extravagant, striking impact than the tracks. Envision placing your dining table next to the bay window and a lighting fixture towards the center of the room and extravagant draperies hung from stainless steel rods or antiqued poles. The rods are flexible and can be twisted to the desired form, suitable for your round or square bay, and are appropriate for eyelet draperies or more conventional rings. When used in bow window treatments, curtain rods should be routinely braced along their length, although a brilliant design implies that the rings can easily slide over the brackets.

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Use the space

The numerous side openings on bay windows make charming alcoves with adequate lighting. They are excellent places for exercises which require either bright lighting or will profit from the capacity to view outside, this means they’re ideal for dressing tables and work areas. Having the ability to gaze upward from your PC screen is great for the eyes and putting on make-up in normal light gives you the ability to better see the colors.

It is easier to discover furniture that will fit square bay windows, though you might have to acquire custom built furniture for angular or semi-circular designs. On the off chance that the desk or work area integrates seamlessly in the space the impact will be more pleasant and, similar to custom drapery poles, custom-made designs can be a positive addition.


Bay windows crave curtains/drapes that make some sort of expression. Light, shimmery, fabrics that reach the floor can give a stylish, romantic ambiance, while hanging different curtains on every window gives the space an excellent balance. Corded curtain rods provide better support to subtle curtains, as it becomes possible to open and close them without touch, though more show can be made utilizing bay drapery poles and rods.

It is vital to pick a curtain style that best suits the space and the vibe of whatever is left in the room. Generally speaking, square bays provide a solid, characterized and manly atmosphere, whereas round bays are suitable for milder, more female styles. The Eyelet curtains are great for more present day look, whereas tab tops permit the fabric to showcase itself.


Bay windows can have a great outlook with hand crafted roman shades. They have a great appearance and blend excellently when furniture is placed on either sides of the window allowing minimal or no space to hang shades. Perhaps there is a fitted window seat. If so, then roman shades are a better than average approach for your bay window dressing. On the off chance that your bay is decent and all around clear then draperies are a decent choice. Particularly draperies that pool on the floor. A lengthy drape fits a bay window well and gives a sense of opulence to the room. They likewise warm the room during the winter season.


In the event that you would prefer simple window additions for your bay windows, you can simply choose to add blinds. Certain Blinds in white or unbiased shading can allow you substantial control regarding the measure of lighting allowed in a room, and likewise giving total seclusion when required.



A distinct option for shades and blinds are screens/shutters. These would furnish you with that country house design that is extremely prominent. Contingent upon the space available, you could choose the conventional white color or a characteristic wooden color that complements with the room in general.


At the point when drapes are favored for bay window fittings it’s to give a solid, emotional touch to that section of the room. These drapes are known to be highly formal and give an added state of refinement to the bay windows. Once more, you are faced with a huge list of options with regards to shades, styling and fabric type.

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Lastly, you can choose to merge different blinds, shades or draperies with a cornice at its top which adds a little show, while retaining the majority of the traditional bay windows appearance and feel.

Whichever bay window treatments you plan to style your bay window, ensure you benefit as much as possible from the space and light to give a spectacular feel.