Sciatica Treatment Strategies

Sciatica and its symptoms like pain appear as a result of pressure on the nerve root. There are many ways to deal with the irritation of nerve. Many non-surgical treatments are quite effective but sometimes surgery is must when nerves in the cord or spinal column get damaged.

Ways To Deal With Sciatica

In order to deal with sciatica pain the most common options are over-the- counter and prescribed medicines. Pain killers like ibuprofen and naproxen are usually used with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory muscle relaxants. Sometimes powerful opiate-based medicines must be considered. They work effectively but addiction reduces it worth.

Daily exercise is an ideal support to get rid of pain that is advised by health care professionals. The exercises for lower back and legs makes it strong and flexibility it get better as well as help to loosen the muscle that affect the sciatica nerve.

With little changes in our regular habits we can fix sciatica pain once and for all. Bringing change in posture can bring great change as too much pressure on the muscles, spinal column and related nerves is due to the bad posture. While sitting one should be careful about his or her posture and focus not to sit too straight or bend too much. The weight of our head is 15 Ibs and it is important to keep our head middle over shoulders. If the proper support is not given to head by neck it can increase the pressure on the bones, nerves, muscles, and ligaments that are part of spine and back.

The back support is also important particularly the chairs on which we sit. Are they helpful and provide back support? Take short breaks and move around after 1 hour or half an hour because it will support to reduce pressure and rigidity that one may feel after sitting for long hours in the same posture. The standing position is also important. In our childhood we were often told to stand straight. The sciatic nerve can be affected by the position of shoulders and pelvis. The standing position need to be straight with feet slightly open. Try to avoid standing for longer period.

While standing or walking keep in mind the posture of upper body, the shoulders need to be in the middle over the hips and avoid drooping. Chin need to be leveled and ears need to be placed with shoulders. Usually people don’t sleep proper although sleeping position is important too.

One of the easy ways to sleep is on the back because it is less pressurizing posture. Try to avoid sleeping on stomach because it can increase pressure and tension on back. When sleeping on the back, keep the pillow under the knees for keeping them lightly bent which help to manage spinal position. While sleeping on your side keep pillow between the knees because it can reduce the pressure from the back.

Keeping posture proper is one of the easy, approachable and completely natural treatments that exist. Almost every program of sciatica pain relief includes exercise. When pressure or compression reduces from sciatica nerve it also stops sciatica symptoms.

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