Psoriasis Cream Guide

It is quite challenging to deal with psoriasis as the sufferer feels frustrated and uncomfortable. However, the choices of treatment are more these days than before. This skin disease which is also referred to as an immune disease is caused due to the presence of excessive tumor necrosis factor protein. Some most common symptoms include skin issues and joint pain and the intensity can vary from mild to severe. Initially the skin problem occurs in majority of cases and then the joint pain start later on. There are some other symptoms of psoriasis too which includes restricted range of motion, fatigue, tendon swelling, morning stiffness and changes in nails. Fortunately, there are some effective treatment options that may range from topical treatment like psoriasis creams, to phototherapy or light treatments, as well as oral or injected medications.

Light or Photo Therapy

Light therapy is also another option to treat psoriasis and for good results it is used in combination with a good psoriasis cream. The type of lights involved in this treatment may either be artificial, ultraviolet or natural. Exposure of sunlight to the skin is done for short duration of time. There are some other light therapy forms including Narrowband UVB therapy, Excimer laser, photochemotherapy, UVB phototherapy and combination light therapy.

Medications-Injected and Oral

There is a huge variety of medications available both injected or oral which doctors prescribe either with combination of light therapy or topical psoriasis cream. With the use of retinoids overproduction of the skin cells can be controlled. Methotrexate on the other hand is an oral medicine which is used for suppressing inflammation as well as for decreasing the number of skin cells produced. Use of Hydroxyurea and Cyclosporine are also used commonly, and nowadays there are new biologic drugs as well that helps in blocking interactions between cells in our immune system. In these biologics some new drugs are included such as Remicade, Enbrewl as well as Stelara which are injected or infused.

Some Topical Treatments

Topical treatments such as psoriasis creams are considered as the most common treatment options for psoriasis. The psoriasis sufferers who have mild or moderate problems can use this option alone. Sufferers with severe issue need to take oral medicines along with topical creams and ointments or with photo therapy.

Among different types of topical creams the topical corticosteroids are most commonly used. They actually suppress the immune system so that turnover of cells can be slowed down. As a result inflammation, itching and other symptoms alleviate. As per the level of psoriasis severity the selection of the strength of corticosteroids is made. Anthralin is also included in the category of topical treatment, that is used in combination with ultraviolet light. Use of coal tar is also common in different psoriasis creams or ointments. Its use can reduce scaling, itching as well as inflammation and its drawback is that it is quite messy to use. Some more topical choices include calcineurin inhibitors, salicylic acid, topical retinoids as well as moisturizers.

If you are searching for an effective psoriasis cream then you can find number of them. You might need a doctor’s prescription in many cases for buying these creams. In order find a perfect solution it is always best to discuss it with the doctor.

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