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Laughing Buddha Statue and Feng Shui

Just by seeing the bulging out belly as well as a smile you can recognize the happy Buddha that works in your favor to offer Feng Shui advantages for the household. There are different names like Ho Tei, The Laughing Buddha or Happy Buddha, represents good fortune, success as well as inner peace.

The Benefits Of The Laughing Buddha Statue In Feng Shui

In houses of China the statue of a laughing Buddha statue is considered as a permanent fixture even in their restaurants. The ones who want prosperity in life rub his belly for “good luck” as per the belief doing this can help in granting wishes to the ones who are searching for prosperity. According to many the size of the stomach of the Buddha plays a role like if it is larger than the chances of wish fulfillment are higher. When the image of a laughing or cheerful Buddha is present in any room then only positive energy enters a room. Indeed there are many people in the Far East who rub their belly and at the same time they say “Ooji” for good fortune.


According to the Feng Shui professionals the best location of the Buddha is either in the living room or any other family room. The best placement for laughing Buddha is in the direction of the main entrance to your home. Through this process the good vibes enters while the negative ones exeunt out of your home. In other words, the laughing Buddha attracts good energy while repels negative chi.

If you have stress in life than simply place the laughing Buddha at your writing table or desk. Whenever you will look at the happy Buddha it will remind you in a peaceful manner the importance of feeling joy and as a result you will contented and happy. Reduction of stress is considered as the main element of Feng Shui and with the right placement of laughing Buddha statue on your desk can be highly beneficial especially for the tense students. If you work from home then you can also use this option for alleviating stress and for gaining prosperity in your life.


If you happen to sit in a care of a Feng Shui practitioner you will notice that there is a laughing Buddha on the dashboard. It is not easy to drive and especially in heavy traffic so the happy Buddha can reverse the situation and can make it a pleasant one by assimilating negative energy.

Place a laughing Buddha statue in the reception of small businesses for good fortune as well as prosperity. For the best results or for attracting wealth opt for the happy Buddha statue that has gold ingots or the one in which the statute is sitting down on a batch of gold coins. Such statues are quite commonly placed in Chinese or oriental businesses.

laughing buddha carving statue


The practice of Feng Shui can be made innovative with one’s own style of expression. If you ask common people for the placement of these objects then you may not get the same benefits as per your expectation. However, if you feel any link to the enjoyable grin of the laughing – then the chances are that you will get the Feng Shui benefit that expected.

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