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Nowadays, the green nursery movement or green baby is becoming popular. In this field Feng shui has a vital role to play. Mostly, we have seen feng shui for adults: home improvement, relationships, finances, career and interior decorating. In case of feng shui of the future it is actually a place for reflection, creativity, projects, children, and more. In this article you will find some great tips that are considered as a marriage between eco baby movement and feng shui.

Feng Shui Products

There is a connection between feng shui directions to children, creativity, and West is the future. It’s the West form where the green products have actually originated. Tibet which is located to the west of China is referred to as the motherland of feng shui. Tibet is called the “Treasure of the West” by the Chinese.  These treasures consist of some valuable metals. The surface of metal is a reflective surface. Due to this reason West is also considered as a place of reflection. Actually, Tibet has also been known around the world for its reflective meditative practices. Especially Europe and the United States is the West of Tibet, which is a leading force already for green products as well as regulations. This is just a beginning of eco baby movement and products. There is a relation of West and the future and this is due to the reason that the sun makes its direction towards it every day. So, our concern related to future is regarding what and who is going to be around. In other words, it’s the “green revolution” or the green movement on which our future actually depends.


You can notice around in your environment i.e. in the home you live in and nursery. First you must identify the West parts of your home and nursery. This can be done with the help of a compass. The perfect place for designing a nursery is the westernmost part. The main characters of West are that it is not cold like the north, nor hot or sunny as the south, and surely not in range of rising sun i.e. in the east. West is considered as the best place to rest. In the first two years of life babies need a lot of sleep. So it is a good idea to place your green nursery in the western part.


Always buy baby-gentle products for the nursery. These days you can also find eco-friendly carpets, natural ecological paints as well as non-stained wooden blinds. There is wide variety of these products to choose from. Also to meet the baby-safe standards always keep the crib away from your room’s windows. From feng shui, a solid footboard and headboard for the baby can also be helpful as the baby will feel supported and secured. Another tip is that the crib of your baby must be kept in view of open door. In order to stimulate the flow of energy entering in from the door, the best thing is to place a decorating carpet also you can hang from the ceiling a feng shui crystal between the door and the crib. In this way the energy flow will be slowed down.

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