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Feng Shui Elements To Consider In Home Decorating

Do you want to incorporate Chinese feng shui decorating and you are a beginner? There are many easy tips are simple to implement into your living or working environment. The right pronunciation is ‘fung shway’,  and is the oldest Chinese practice which make use of the space as well as objects present around  for creating a harmonious atmosphere, improve your health, money, good luck as well as your love life. According to practitioners sometimes small changes like changing direction of the bed can have a positive impact on your life.

Decorating With Feng Shui Elements

feng-shui-decoratingThere are many people who still practice it today and it is becoming popular day by day It is actually a combination of science and art and that’s why the western world is taking interest too. In different big corporations they hire professionals and experts for many reasons. Some may increase optimize productivity, promote harmony in the working environment, as well as focus the workers is boosted.

If you are a beginner and want to use feng shui decorating then the first important thing for you is to know about the five ancient elements especially its principles. These elements include fire, earth, water, wood and metal. When all these elements are there in the environment then you can expect improvements in a unique manner.

Some people lack focus in their life for such people presence of earth elements in their environment can be helpful. In this way motivation level and energy can be boosted. If you want to add basic element of feng shui then add living plants. You can also use rocks or clay pots. Do not use dried flower arrangements. It is quite useless to add them as they are non-living plants and so not included in the category of earth element. There can be a negative impact of this addition.

The element of fire symbolizes passion in life. It can also energize. Fire is considered as a very strong element in feng shui. Keep in mind that the addition of fire element in the environment must be done carefully. If there is too much of fire element then there can be negative impacts, like anger. In order to represent the fire element candles and dragon figures are mostly placed in home or working environment.

There are two advantages of adding metal elements i.e. protection as well as abundance of wealth. It is not so difficult to add metal elements to your environment. In Chinese there is a tradition of using coins to add metal into their environment. Another most common and easy option is metal wind chimes.

When there is water element in your environment then it energizes and interacts with the other elements present there as a result their effectiveness increases. The water element is linked with wealth abundance. In order to introduce water elements in your environment the best options are fountains and aquariums.

For overall self improvement as well as for promoting new beginnings in the wood element is great. With the help of wood you can feel motivation in every area of your life. One basic way of adding this important element in your environment is adding live plants and flowers.

These tips regarding ancient Chinese feng shui decorating are great for any beginner so add the feng shui elements in different parts of your living and working environment. The results may surprise you.


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