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Feng Shui Decorating for Bedroom

This is a stage when most of us are now aware about how feng shui is in our daily life and how the decorating method of feng shui has supported us in living a wonderful, healthy and joyful life. There are some basic rules of feng shui decorating which can be applied easily. For every room of the house there are different rules.

Feng Shui Tips For Decorating The Bedroom

Here we are sharing the major principles of feng shui that must be considered while decorating your bedroom that can be easily implemented:

When your bedroom is beautiful and neat then you can sleep better, feel better and live better. In return you will enjoy a healthy life.

Bedroom decorating with Feng Shui

Bedroom is a place where you can relax after a hectic day. Here we are sharing some fundamental principles on which feng shui decorating is based specifically for a bedroom:

1. The layout and Location of rooms

The arrangement of the bedroom should be in the Southwest and Northwest direction, as these two are associated with development and are considered good. Moreover, arranging the bedroom in the Western direction is ideal for the life of your life partner. For the young individuals or those who are not married the best location for bedroom includes the East or Southeast.


2. Position of the Bed

In your bedroom the most crucial thing is the bed and so it requires special attention. The size of the bed must be according to the size of your room. Also the height of your bed should be equal to the height of your knee. It is not a good idea to choose low beds. Make sure that the area under your bed is airy as well as clean. Always place your bed in a direction where lot of light can be taken. Never place a bed facing the door also the headboard of your bed must not be relied on the window.


Keep your head in the south or north, direction while sleeping for a healthy life. On the other hand, locating bed-head in the West or East direction is not good.

3. The Use of Colors in the bedroom

When it comes to color selection for the walls use soft and harmonious ones. In this way you can feel a peaceful and relaxing environment. The combinations of colors are used according to the placement of the bed set:

The suitable wall colors for the bed set in the direction of East or Southeast are green as well as blue.

If you place the bed set in the direction of South, the right wall color are yellow, light purple and light black.

The right feng shui colors for a bedroom

The color white and gray are most suitable for bed set that is placed in the western direction.

Choose red, gray and pink for the walls if your bed set is towards the North.

Some great choices of colors for the walls of your room if the bed set is in the Northwest direction are  white, gray, pastel pink, black as well as yellow.

Always select pale yellow for the colors if you are placing the bed and set it towards the East side.

The colors moss-green and yellow are ideal for the walls of the room in which the placement of bed set is on the Southwest side.

Moreover, there are some other factors too that one must consider while decorating a bedroom as per the rules of feng shui like: light quality, systems of lighting, furniture as well as plants… e.g., make sure that the light spreads uniformly in the bedroom, merge well with the wall color, floors as well as  style of decoration. If you want to make your room look wider choose light-color furniture, like pale yellow, gray or light brown. This will also make the environment quiet and enhance the elegance. For a fresh look that is enriched with vitality choose dark color furniture for your bedroom like dark browny or dark yellow.

As per feng shui, use small flower to decorate your bedroom, but never keep them near your bed. With the flowering plants the air of your room will remain clean in the day time but you must keep them outside at night.

By applying these principles of feng shui for decorating your bedroom one can create a beautiful bedroom that is full of harmony and keeps you happy and healthy.

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