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Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui, a natural science, is concerned with the diagnosis and adjustment of the environment that we have such as the interiors of our homes. This is done so that people can live within their environment in a joyful and beneficial way.

Feng Shui For Your Bedroom

Feng Shui is utilized in order to elevate fertility, sounder sleep, romance, and intimacy. It is used for around two thousand years already and its philosophy that includes valuing of every bedroom inside a home.  This science is very complicated and it includes advanced levels that involve mathematical formulas and equations that are acquainted from theory of time and space. For beginners in Feng Shui, who simply wants to know more about the visual things, this article can provide a list of interior designs and decorative suggestions.

Feng Shui Bedroom

First, avoid sleeping below slanted ceilings for it is most preferred to sleep in flat ones. Slanted ceilings can actually make you not sleep deeply. You can also opt for a false ceiling which is kind of a canopy that can be the right resolution for you if you cannot avoid the slanted ceilings.

Second, sleeping below exposed beams can cause pressure on you because of the currents that are circulating all over your room. This can cause you to experience some health issues in some parts of your body, especially areas that are exposed to the beams. Some beams seem to divide the bed in the middle which can cause arguments between husband and wife. The perfect resolution for this is a false ceiling.

pink bedroom with feng shui influence

Third, mirrors should be eliminated in bedrooms because they can be over-stimulating and can only disturb your sleep. If you place your bed directly aligned to the door of your room, this is known as a bad arrangement when it comes to the flow of air.

Fourth, office desks and computers are not preferred to be placed inside the room. This is because they will only remind you to work out the things you need to do and will not make you sleep deeply at all. The bedroom is only made for a sleeping getaway or romance with your spouse.

white green bedroom for feng shui

As for TVs inside the bedroom, they should be placed at least 8 feet away from the bodies of people when they are watching. This is because TVs set off electro-magnetic fields that can absorb the entire energy in a room.

As for bathroom doors which are placed near the bedroom should always remain closed, especially at night. This is done so that the energy of the bathroom and the bedroom itself is separated from each other.

Moreover, you should also avoid putting extreme or pointed things above your head while you are sleeping. You should also avoid buying used mattresses for the imprints of the previous owners still linger on the bed which can also have an effect on you.

Simply follow these easy rules and you will surely go into the right direction. It is beyond doubt that you will have the pleasant and full sleep that you are waiting for.

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