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Feng Shui 2014 Forecast for Ox

The sign of Ox according to the zodiac calculation relates to the prosperity with determination and hard work. The person with this sign is dependable, composed and humble. According to Feng Shui forecast for Ox the year 2014, the person who is born with this sign appears to be energetic, strong and have bright luck ahead. They are basically, confident and attract people towards them despite the effect of few unlucky stars, which is governed by 24 mountains and the flying star found in the astrological calculations of the chart.

forecast-ox-feng-shui-2014The element table of Ox shows three types of excellent luck in the year 2014. You are strong by the life force, spirit essence and windhorse. The year 2014 will help you in a great way, professionally. This year is of the horse and therefore is wish granting year for the person. However, you need to ascertain what exactly you need and have specified goals in your mind; this will provide you with exemplary returns in a positive way. Your wish for the year 2014, according to Feng Shui calculations is commendable; because there is every possibility, you may achieve your desired goal. This is the year for businesspersons and entrepreneurs who have definite good luck. It is necessary for you to be ambitious and creative in your ventures. You have to be careful about people who try to cheat or double cross you (effect of #7 Robbery Star), which will help you to overcome the obstacles you face during the course of implementation of your ventured idea. However, the OX sign will provide you all the confidence to overcome such obstacles.

Additionally, the Hotu combination 24/7 is favorable for good business and possibility for sudden gain of money. To increase the chances strongly and effectively, it is prudent to energize with metals, such as a set of three gold coins in the NE zone.

However, people under the year of OX have three unfavorable stars, brought by 24 Mountain compass, to take care of. Luckily, the birth pliability along with life force and spirit will see through obstacles with positive results. The obstacles are the three detrimental stars- Yin house, yearly killings and sitting three killings.


The Yin house predicts bad news regarding death of self or someone dear to you in the family. Ailing people should avoid sleeping in the NE sector and need to take maximum care of their health. Certain strong positive force is essential to counter such misfortune. Hence it is pertinent that you use bejeweled green tara.

Yearly killings, is responsible to bring woe to Ox born persons. To negate such affliction one need to wear or carry bejeweled hum on lotus keychain or fire protection wheel of Avalokiteshvara. To improve on the positive results, you need to hang faceted Feng Shui crystal ball in the NE sector. This allows the Yang energy to enter the negative space.

The three killings, predicts the loss of money or property, reputation and mishap of someone dear to you. To negate this influence you need to install three celestial guardians plaque in the Northern region and carry three celestial guardians plaque engraved in keychain.

Considering the flying star, Feng Shui air predicts the numerical value 7, which implies chance of robbery in the location. The effect of this star is related to unfaithful people with negative bent of mind, who enter into your life. They are covert people and their intention is to betray or pose harm to you. The extreme effect is burglary, robbery and theft. However, the influence is subsided if you place in the NE region, Rhinoceros as well as the Blue Elephant. It is prudent to carry double horned Blue Rhinoceros anti burglary amulet and hang blue liuli elephant and the rhino protection amulet in the car or any vehicle.

The Feng Shui 2014 horoscope predicts that Ox person in the age group of 29 to 49 years need to take care of their health as they may fall seriously ill or face some mishap. To prevent such predicament, carry bejeweled double Wu Lou keychain or blue Liu Li Hulu pendant for luck in health. However, other people will see positive financial luck except for people in the age group of 29 to 65 years, who may have monetary problems. To negate the influence it is necessary to put Arowana on bed of wealth at home and carry a money talisman key ring.

For relationship, the Ox people may not have a favorable period according to 2014 Feng Shui calculations. People who are involved in affairs may see a smooth riding. Even, married couple may experience betrayals from their better half. It is wise to avoid getting emotional with dating partners, or else you may experience heartbroken situation. However, to improve on the negative influence you need to use rose quartz mandarin ducks on lotus leaf. Try to put on white clothes frequently and people born in this sign need to wear a crystal pendant. The crystal pendant helps in bonding with the basic Earth element.

People born under OX need to use Ox, rooster and snake at home and in the key ring. This brings good luck and negates all bad influence of detrimental stars.

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