Curtain Options For Bay Window Treatments

Bay windows are a lovely part of any house but if you are fortunate enough to have them, you will be familiar with the issues that can arise in finding bay window treatments like curtains or drapes that look good and fit well. Window treatments are not always as easy as they might appear to be and sometimes people use up money on efforts that do not look good before finally getting it right. If you read this guide and take the suggestions you might avoid this money loss though.

What is a Bay Window?

bay-windowsA Bay window is a three sided window with one larger window in the center and then two smaller ones on each side. People often opt for bay windows because obviously you get more light into the room and it adds to the feeling of space inside. Sometimes people will put in bay windows when they have a particularly attractive view outside that they want to see more of like the ocean, lakes, countryside, mountains and so on. These are commonly found in Victorian houses from around the 1870s and is popular not just in the UK but also in America. San Francisco for example has a lot of homes with bay windows installed.

There are several styles of bay window and that should have an influence on the bay window treatments you use. Styles include casement windows, double hung windows, but there are others. Identify what is unique about your bay window and what you may have in common with the neighbors if they too have bay windows. By focusing on those features it can help you in choosing curtains or drapes as bay window treatments.

Bay Window Curtains

For example if you have frames that are especially attractive and you want to emphasize that feature you could use something like Roman shades or some other kind of curtains that are inside mounted. This will give a more traditional look. If the windows are closely placed something like drapes on rings or rod pocket curtains may suit very well. You would have to get a rod that is flexible though and to make sure it fits it would need to be hinged. Or you could opt for a stationary panel on the glass area with a cornice for the window treatments at the top.

bay window curtains

Sometimes if you have never had to buy or make bay window treatments before it can be a bit of a worry. If you are new to bay windows a great tip is to make sure you have curtain rods for bay windows installed. Then you can easily work out what drapes you need. The rod will be flexible and follow the shape of the window frames and you can get an elegant look still even with such large windows. Many curtain stores will offer made to measure curtains to fit perfectly.

Getting the right bay window treatments using curtains or drapes may take a little more thought than with regular windows, but that work will be well worth it. Just try to be a little more creative and remember there is a world of help online on places like Pinterest where you can look at pictures to give you some ideas.

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