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Crib Bedding for Girls

Baby Girls’ Crib Bedding

There is no doubt that every parent enjoys the experience of buying baby girl bedding. Have you ever seen an expecting mother choosing crib bedding for her baby girl? If yes, then you must have an idea how much interest she takes to buy the perfect bedding for her little princess. Most expecting mothers stop at the shelf that carries pink colored stuff. Of course the choices offered for baby girl nursery bedding is not limited. Some common designs offered in various shades of pink include flowers, lacings and trimmings.

Some crib bedding for girls have fancy designs too. You can choose pink stripes, embroidered with animals that will greet your little princess every morning. Embroidered ladybugs on various shades of pink and green quilts can make it look elegant.

baby girl crib bedding

Your daughter would love the lime, lilac or cherry colored giraffes and chimpanzees on her comforter or blanket. Pink trimmings can add more charm to it.

Also paisley print nursery bedding is quite famous among mothers. The best thing about pink paisley prints is that it can bring life and elegance to the environment of the playroom.

If you want to opt for something stylish then choose solid color for bedding and its trimmings as well and get some flowers embroidered on it. These days a combination of pink and brown are quite in fashion as it add sophistication to the nursery bedding for baby girls.

girls crib bedding sets

Another good choice can be dotted designs with strips and flowers in pink and brown color. In order to give a touch of affluence as well as luxury for your baby girl you can use different shades of pink and brown.

In order to emphasize pink or brown nursery bedding you can also use cream and beige color. You can select these colors for comforter so that your princess’s playroom looks beautiful.

When we are continuously using the term ‘princess’ for baby girl then how can we ignore to use the theme of princess as design for her bedding. Another interesting idea is to use the ballerina theme for nursery bedding. This theme gives a picture and concept of how princess actually look like.

It is not necessary to use the color pink as the dominant color for the nursery bedding but you can use it as an accent instead. In this way the femininity can be indicated without using too much of pink. If you don’t want to use pink at all then you can try other designs that reflect girlishness. For example, you can do this with yellow by choosing butterfly theme for nursery bedding. Blossoming flowers on a green background can also be used for this purpose.


The color pink has its own magic and charm and that’s why most households use this color for nursery beddings. The look of playroom can be made enchanting with the use of red, ruby, and burgundy color. Silk material can be used with flowers highlighted on it with the above mentioned colors.

Use red instead of pink for nursery bedding and you can make a beautiful playroom with red and white accents.

There is no harm in using the color blue for nursery bedding of a baby girl but do not forget to add some red and pink in it. In this way you can add a feminine touch to it. By adding trimmings and laces on the skirt edgings you can clearly show that it’s your princess room.

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